Elands Baii Road Trip!!

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We just got back from the most amazing road trip to Elands Baii!!  2 cars, 4 surfboards, 4 windsurf boards, lots of sails and mast etc! and 24 bottles of Castle!! What else do you need for a road trip?  Wind, waves, some cool people, fresh Crayfish and amazing sunsets – thats exactly what we got!!!

The drive from Table View to Elands is pretty easy, basically one road pretty much the whole way there! Its takes around 2 and a bit hours with a stop or two.  We arrived in Elands at around 3pm on Sunday hoping there would be places to stay as we figured that most people would have left by then.  Earlier in the week there was another big swell so we thought that people would have had enough by then!  Apparently not! There was only one place available! Bit rustic but super cool with a ladder to the roof from where you could see the waves breaking.

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When we first arrived there weren’t any waves at breaking at Elands so we headed further up the coast to a spot called Farmer Burgers.  Its an amazing right hander which barrels at the right tide and size.  I was a bit apprehensive as it means taking off backhand and i wasn’t very good at that but as it turns out i did ok! Got some great waves!  After the session we headed to Lamberts Bay for dinner and a few beers at Isabellas Restaurant.  Had some amazing food and watched the sunset.

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The next day Ben was watching early from the roof and the swell looked promising!  After a quick check of the beach, myself and Ben heading out for a surf at Elands.  I was really looking forward to it a it was a left hander!! Such a nice wave!  Fully peeling and super clean.  I had some great rides but then more people came out and the wind started picking up a lot!  In fact it got so windy that after a while we headed in to grab the windsurfing kit!  I was so overpowered on my 4.0 Atlas and 76 JP Kauli Quad.  The waves weren’t really wrapping in like they should do but there was still some big sets coming in off the point.  I came down some of the biggest waves i have ever been out in!!

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After the windsurfing we headed out to grab some fresh Crayfish from the local fishermen to cook on the Braii (BBQ) that evening.  20 South African Rand which is less than 2 quid for a fully live big Crayfish!  Amazing!  Only problem was we didn’t know how to cook them!  Luckily though 2 of the local surfing legends Craig and Gary came to the rescue and helped us out!

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After and awesome meal it was early to bed mainly as we were all knackered! but also as we were hoping to score it big tomorrow morning.  But alas it wasn’t to be!  Unfortunately the swell was to much from the south and wasn’t quite wrapping in round the point at Elands.  The wind was howling back in cape Town so the decision was made to head back a long the coast but check some places along the way.

First stop was Paternoster where i had some great sailing last year but unfortunately it was pretty flat with no wind this time!  The boys then carried on to Yzerfontein but again not enough wind however the waves were pumping!  Myself and Philly stopped off in Langebaan for a quick session.   Philly went out on the 4.5 and did her first jumps!!

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From there is was back to Table View where we scored a great session at Big Bay in the late afternoon!  All in all it was an amazing trip with great surfing and windsurfing and we met some cool people, oh and had fresh Crayfish for less than 2 quid on a bbq!!!  Awesome!!

Massive thanks to Philly for taking all the amazing photos!!  To see all the pics please go to the gallery section.