PWA Austria and BWA Rhosneiger and Ireland…

First all massive apologies for not doing more updates. I have been travelling and competing loads! The plan was to get it all done in Ireland but the internet is pretty much non existent and because i was technically in Europe i couldn’t use my Iphone to upload anything either!

So after a shocker from Austria we finally made it back to the UK after a 25 hour journey – nice one Max for driving! A quick stop in at Simsy’s house for lunch and to swap freestyle kit for wave kit and we were off again! Everyone was totally broken from all the travel. Especially Max who was driving! But there was some comedy stops along the way with various tomfoolery being played on each others vans and some comedy purchases being made in the dodgy Austrian super markets! Also need to mention a massive thank you to to Da Mike, Valle and the guys from the Royal Captains bar for looking after us all week and supplying us with mucho booze!

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There are more pictures from the event in the flickr slideshow at the top of the page. Other pics courtesy of JC/PWA

Ok so the next stop was Rhosneiger in North Wales for the BWA Wave event 1 hosted by Funsport. After a winter of training in Cape Town i really wanted to try and push hard into the UK wave scene. The first couple of days there was now ind but some nice waves for a bit of Supping and surfing! Tried some tow in surfing but failed miserably and nearly tore my hands off as we had no handle on the tow rope!

On Sunday we managed to get enough wind and waves to get the comp started. I was on my 4.9 FireFly and JP Wave Single Thruster 83. Which turned out to be an awesome combo again in the less than ideal conditions. I was having some good heats nailing some good pushies and a few backies (not many though!). With my waveriding i was trying to pick out the bigger waves and was really concentrating on getting as vertical as possible in the turns.

Luckily Phil Horrocks and Ben Profitt were in the other side of the draw which left them battling it out for a place in the final. I had a close heat with James Cox but just managed to sneak through into the final against Phil. I sailed a decent heat but to beat Phil at his local spot is going to be difficult! So after the single elimination i was in 2nd place! Phil 1st and Ben 3rd. The wind sort of stayed so Duncan the head judge was quick to get athe double elimination going. I wouldn’t have minded if we had finished there though haha!!

Adam Lewis came flying through the double taking down everybody with sick backies and fast powerful waveriding. He was stopped (luckily for me!) by Ben who was super determined to get back into the final. The wind was fully dying at this point which made it difficult to find ramps to jump off and get powerful turns. I lost by 0.5 to Ben! Gutted!! He then went on to challenge Phil for 1st place. He beat him the first time with some nice wave rides and a backside 360 but then in the 2nd final Phil took it leaving him in 1st overall for the event. Ben in 2nd and me in 3rd!!

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So another turn around of vans and kit as Max was heading to Vass so me and Bryan jumped into Sam Neals van for the trip across to Ireland. After the super late finish at Rhossie it meant that we had to get the 2am ferry from Holyhead!! Sounds bad but actually worked out pretty good as it meant that we arrived in Dublin at 6.30am so it meant the drive to Castlegregory was during the daylight hours.

When we arrived into Castlegregory the wind was up and the competition got underway with the Amateurs, Masters and Ladies fleets. I have to say the standard in the Amateur fleet is very impressive! I saw some great riding from Welsh local boy Lewis Marrony and also the new up and coming youth Alesky Gayda threw a massive backie wich most pros would be proud of! Also good to see the mighty Dave White competing in the Masters!

Competition for the Pro’s got underway the next day with some cross on port tack sailing at the dumps! Wind was light and gusty but still managed to bust a decent pushie in my heat against Bryan. Later on the conditions changed and we moved beaches to Gowlane. The waves were tiny and the wind was light cross off. I lost in a tie breaker decision to local boy Rob Jones who put in some greta riding skills. This left me in equal 5th place with 4 others which basically means if i loose my 1st heat in the double i would have been 9th! Ouch! I did not want that to happen!!

The double got underway the next day again at Gowlane. Bit windier and waves were a bit bigger. I had a massive battle on my hands and managed to come through 6 heats!! I managed to make it back up to 3rd!! I was super happy!! I was really concentrating on getting in some vertical turns on the bigger waves. I was going through on consistently high wave scores. Unfortunately for Adam Lewis he crashed on one of his good waves which meant he only had 1 super high scoring wave. Sorry Adam!! He was ripping though!! We finished off the event in Ireland with a proper knees up at Spillanes pub with lots of comedy antics, pole climbing, Georges Saturday night fever dance (video coming soon!) lots of shirt ripping and lots of Guinness!!

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All pics courtesy of Si Crowther/Boards

So 3rd in Ireland, 3rd in Rhossie…. 3rd OVERALL!!! WOO YEH!!

Super happy so far! Massive thanks to the BWA, Funsport, Jamie Knox, Spillanes Pub and everyone else for making the BWA events a great pace to be.

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