So we made it Bonaire after a pretty easy journey really! KLM’s baggage policy is ok as long as you make sure one of your bags is no longer than 200cm and no heavier than 23kg because then it is considered as a normal piece of luggage. So clothes in hand luggage and then 1 quiver bag with 3 sails, 2 booms, 3 extensions, 6 new K4 fins and then a double board bag with 1 board, 3 masts, 1 boom, harness and flip flops and you’re done! £170 so not great but could have been worse!

Managed to somehow get upgraded to Economy comfort on the online check in too so happy days! We had to be quite quick going through Amsterdam which was hard with our heavy hand luggage but luckily we found these mini trolleys which made life a lot easier! We also stumbled across Paul Zeper from Holland in the airport too!

Big thanks to Caesar Finnies for giving us a ride at 4 in the morning to Jibe City where we are staying. No wind so far on this first day but it gave us the opportunity to go to the shop and grab the essentials, pasta, bolognaise ingredients, beer, lots of eggs, beer, corn flakes and err more beer! The weather is pretty hardcore as far as heat goes, no wind and super humid, luckily we have aircon in the room so all good! Paul took us on a tour around the island in a clapped out old car, it has a piece of string attached to the accelerator so you can accelerate by pulling it! Pretty comedy! We saw loads of flamingos and lizzards and fish and all sorts really! Loads of crystal clear water too!

Ok i’ve gone on a bit too long now so i’ll leave it there! Hopefully wind coming in the next few days, the forecast looks really good! Stay tuned for more updates! Loads of pics below and above in the slideshow.

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New Fin Sponsor!!! K4 Fins!!

When i was out in South Africa this winter the boys in the house had some K4 Quad Fins and they had been raving about them! I thought well i need all the help i can get! I was having problems with loosing grip at the top of the wave on my stock fins that came with the board. The boys were hogging the bigger sizes so i was left to try out the small set 13’s at the back and 8’s on the front. I actually had more grip then before!! I was amazed! I could push as hard a i could and still not loose grip but then when i did loose it a couple times the fins almost sprig back and bring the board underneath you again. The main thing for me was i had more confidence and control on the wave which is when my wave sailing started to improve. I thought “i have to have these!” But they were more of a set for the boys to test, so i stole them!! The way i saw it i wouldn’t have the confidence to compete in the waves with the top boys without them! As it stands i came 3rd in Wales and 3rd in Ireland in my first full year competing on the wave tour and i was using the K4 fins!

I then got in contact with Steve about possibly making a freestyle fin. It was new territory for both of us as we didn’t know how the material would work for freestyle. The great thing with Steve is that he actually listens to everything you say! So we came up with a couple of shapes and Steve moulded them up super quick! It was also the windiest week in the UK so far so perfect for testing the shapes! I tested them in my new secret freestyle spot at Rye Watersports (not so secret anymore!) so i got the chance to test them in all sorts of chop and flat water. The first thing i noticed was that i couldn’t feel any difference between the plastic ones and the G10 ones! Which meant we had a great opportunity to change and play around with the shape to get the ultimate freestyle fin. The other main things to consider are the weight and the cost which are both a lot less than normal G10 fins! I took the prototypes straight to the UKWA Freestyle event in Minis bay and won the event using them. I have that much confidence them. We are now just tweaking the shapes and design a little and i am taking the fins on to the World Tour for the whole year and really looking forward to getting on the new ones!

My results in the UK Waves and Freestyle so far this year have been directly attributed to K4 fins and i’m feeling super stoked to be a part of the team. A brand made by windsurfers for windsurfers who listen and innovative and are just hell keen on getting out on the water and going sailing pushing the limits of themselves and their equipment to the max!