Had an awesome session down at Camber Sands on Saturday. I was on my Neil Pryde 4.7 Combat and it was full power windy with awesome stunt ramps! I stayed on my JP Twinzer Quad 82 which was perfect in lulls, it has to be the most early planing wave board ever! It was a bit big in the gusts though!! Really need to work on my starboard tack jumping! The wind swung more side shore later on which gave some great frontside riding. Camber is a great place for wave sailing, it seems to be the most sideshore of anywhere else i’ve sailed in the south east. It works in any tide with a bit of a walk at low tide though and up over the dune! Nice bunch of local sailors as well! Parking is a slight issue at the dune if its a busy day, which if its windy it will be! If there is no room to park outside the main gates then just go 50m up the road and park in the lay by.

The shot below is from a super windy day at Camber taken by JC when Brawzinio and Skyeboy were out sailing.

Pic by JC