In Cape Town!!!!

So i made it to Cape Town all good!! Flew with Virgin again and as always they are so good with kit! Brought 3 board bags full and paid 32 quid! Nice!! I have brought out young Lecky (Alesky Gayda) the 2011 Uk Amateur Champ for some training!  The new pad is pretty pimp, right on the beach front and as you can see in the Flickr slideshow above the view is pretty sick!

Been a pretty quiet 1st few days which has been good to get all the boring (but important) stuff out the way like getting sim cards, buying beer, getting food, buying beer, sorting out internet, buying beer, putting all the straps on the boards and err buying more beer! Went for a surf this morning down at Karmas but there was a bit too much wind from the SW so it was a bit messy.  So we headed in at big bay for some close outs! Was pretty fun and nice to get out on the water!

Forecast is looking pretty epic from Thursday with a good sized swell coming and some wind!! Will update with pics and vids as much a possible on my flickr page but for now i can hear Doodles calling…