Cape Town…

Wowzas!!!!!! What a trip!! Ended up being longer than i had planned for 2 reasons, 1 because i baby sat a 16 year old freestyler and an 18 year old wave sailor for 2 months and needed some time for myself!! and 2 because i was testing some new layup boards for JP.

There are so many stories to tell!! Too many to write down! Not as many trips as last year but we had a great one to Kraal Bay with the JP/Neilpryde freestyle team. Markus Seidel was kind enough to come out to Cape Town and organise an awesome photoshoot for us. You can see in the first group of pics below. I have so many more pics from this trip which i will put up in sequences as time goes on.

All in all though it was another awesome trip to Cape Town!! This year the weather was a little bit weird with some rain and wind from the wrong direction which is what you normally get during the winter months. The waves were good though even if the wind didn’t play ball sometimes. We surfed a lot! Anyone that goes to Cape Town must get a surfboard when you’re out there! Its cheap and you can claim the tax back when you leave as making it even cheaper! It will also mean that you get a hell of a lot more time on the water.

Anyways rather than write some long boring story with a few pics i reckon its better to put a selection of the best pics from the trip up for you to see what i got up to! Video coming soon!!

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