Media Coverage

Media Coverage 2011

On the pages below you will find a detailed collection of my magazine coverage from windsurfing magazines across the globe from 2011. This is only windsurfing magazine coverage so there is still the video/t.v and online magazine coverage to come.

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Media Coverage 2010

On the below pages you will find a detailed collection of my media coverage for 2010.

As you will see there is a wide variety of coverage ranging from video clips posted on the internet, to magazine articles published both nationally and internationally. Please note the video clip screen shots have been taken from the JP and Neil Pryde Youtube channels only, and therefore only reflect a small percentage of the coverage as these clips were used on further various windsurfing websites.

With regards to the magazine coverage included in this document, what you will see is the material I managed to collate, however I know that there is more coverage in the industry that I have either not been made aware of or do not have to display on the site.

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